Smartwall and Nu-WIFI have been deployed in various kind of environment to protect high value and sensitive faculties such as airport, prison, petrochemical complex, nuclear power plant, high speed rail track and depot, oil and gas pipeline, broadcasting towers and government building.

Each case of use is different: different perimeter wall//fence, different structure, different terrain and size…but the goals are the same:

  • accurately alert before intrusion happens
  • efficiently communicate
  • precisely identify the location

Prevent security breach before it happens. The use-cases here is only a few examples of how the solutions can be used.

Perimeter Intrusion Prevention (SmartWall)

The first line of defense you will install is a perimeter wall for your strategic asset – being a data center, a huge petrochemical complex or a military installation.

The problem is that your adversaries will always try to to breach it through all means. How do you prevent such attempts before any breach is materialized?

That’s what perimeter intrusion prevention system aims to deliver. It is to Prevent, not just report after intrusion has already occurred.

Solutions based on fiber optical cable, microwave or infrared technologies all have a similar fatal issue: Flooded by False Positive Or False Negative alarms, which is kind of wasting resources.

SmartWall solution has truly high accuracy due to its ‘thick’ uniformed multi-sensor microwave wall and artificial intelligence-based back-end signal processing software. 

Besides accuracy, the solution also stands out as:

  • Suitable for any terrain, any weather condition, any area size and shape, any material used for the fences.
  • Easy to implement and Low maintenance
  • Support authorized-intrusion
  • Comes with complete system (i.e, camera, lighting, alarm, speaker) and Can be Easily Integrated with existing alarm systems


  • Commercial – Petrol Chemical Complex, Coal Mining, Data Centers, Dangerous and Explosive Areas;
  • Government – Schools Campus, Heritages Area, State Owned land;
  • Infrastructure Premises – Prisons, Power, Water Plant, Airport, Trains Depot;
  • Sensitive Area – Military Camps, High Ranking Officers’ Campus;
  • Private Assets – VIP Residence, Abandon Building, Factory etc.

Low Energy Wide-band Rich Media Communication Solution (Nu-WIFI) for human and machines (IoT)

In certain controlled environment, high energy communication such as GSM/4G network/ commercial WIFI are not permitted due to potential interference with other systems & instruments or concerned about explosion. Low-energy communication such as walkie-talkie & fixed line are still the main means of communication. 

Our NU-WIFI solution brings rich media communication to such environment without compromise on safety.  With this solution, users can send text, images and even conduct video calling. 

The communication goes beyond human as the same technology enables large quantity of measurement instruments or control equipment to collect data through the same network – our solution is a low-cost enabler for IoT (Internet of Things) implementations.


  • Highly Combustible Sites : Oil-Rig Platforms, Petrol Chemical Complex;
  • High Electro-Magnetic interference Sites : Power Plants, Airports, Trains;  
  • Low Infrastructure Signal Area: Underground tunnels, mining site etc.

Precision Location Services Integrated with IoT Communication

Common location services are GPS (outdoor), 4G and RFID (indoor).  In a 3-dimensional complex outdoor structure, GPS can’t give accurate location information that is needed by business operations. Its usability is further compromised by weather conditions. RFID covers a small range and is poor in handling large volume.

Precision location services is critically important in many scenarios.  In most of the cases, you want to track things which are moving so that you can know exactly who is at where at all times.  In some cases, you want to be sure that something is NOT moved (such as a critical asset which must be at a given position). 

Our precision location service is able to manifest 3-dimensional location information in both indoor and outdoor environment with strong resistance to climate condition and terrain changes.  Monitored targets are tagged by a chip, a card or a wrist band. 


  1. Inside petrol-chem complex or power plants during operation (When hardly anyone should be inside the complex) or during shut-down maintenance (when many people scattered in a large complex).
  2. Underground tunnel during construction and maintenance