Terrorist attacks and unlawful infiltration are major security concerns for sensitive infrastructure, valuable facilities and premises providing public services.

Physical barriers such as walls or fences are common fixtures to ensure safety in any premises. However, to be able to monitor, alert and repel intrusion in real-time is the be-all and end-all in any security operations.

To achieve effective security and protection, massive manpower has to be deployed.  Even so, effectiveness is still not assured considering that relentless monitoring is required round the clock without lapse.

Such high expectations is practically unattainable.  In many cases, harsh environment factors such as heavy rain or snow storm also render many security measures vulnerable just when protection is most needed.

Perimeter Intrusion Prevention system (PIPS) is the technology solution which can make walls and fences truly effective as it automates the monitoring, alerting and repel intrusion activities and processes.   

An efficient PIPS can Greatly Reduce Reliance on Manpower and Tighten the Defense of the Premises with ZERO breach.


SmartWall Innovation

A complete PIPS solution comes with three major components:

  • Detection Front-End
  • Processing Back-End
  • Integrated Components – in correlation with other protection mechanisms

SmartWall comes with all the components required for a comprehensive PIPS. 

SmartWall Intelligent Cable based PIPS uses a radical method in detection:  a cable embedded with adaptive chips capable of transmission/receiving electromagnetic frequency cycles in milliseconds.   The cable is embedded with chips which are capable of emitting and receiving radio frequencies at the rate of less than 10ms cycle.  

This same cable provides high-speed wireless data transmission. 

Each embedded chip generates its own electromagnetic field.  All chips, along the line of the cable, create a 3D cylindrical electromagnetic field.  At a high density, this 3D electromagnetic field is close to uniform even when placed on uneven terrain.

By correlating more data collected from more observation points, SmartWall can make more accurate decision on intrusions .

With the high-density chips embedded in the cable, the Tx/Rx pairs create a 3D radio frequency mesh to form a large continuous uniform cylindrical detection zone. 

As the cable can be installed on any terrain, a protection zone is always created along the cable and uniformly maintained throughout deployment line and area. 

This unique capability sets SmartWall apart from traditional microwave- or fibre- based perimeter intrusion detection system with the following key differentiations:

  • Extended protection zone
  • High accuracy detection rate
  • Low nuisance alarm rate
  • Precision positioning
  • High redundancy and reliability
  • Self-contained wireless communication

SmartWall Prevents intrusion, not just Detects intrusion.

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